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Daily 182 Brake Setup

  Clio 182
I want to fit a fresh set of discs and pads on the front of my clio 182 FF. Maybe the rear soon.

Its only being used a few times a week and never ragged around a track.

What do people recommend for a budget refresh?

Ive read so many threads regarding different size discs, pads, upgrades but just need a 'Normal' worthwhile kit. Ive tried euro parts and even the guys in their couldn't properly recommend a set.

Thanks alot.


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Its not really Eurocarparts staff job to advise so you wouldnt get anywhere there.
Standard discs and pads are absolutely fine for a road Clio 2RS. The only time its worth changing is if you want to pep up the fronts with something that can cope with more heat for extended B road blasts.
We are happy to give advice on our range of products.


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Cheers @Porl

@justinbowness15 For normal road use a quality OE refresh will serve you well, or a mild pad upgrade for the front . I supply a lot of Brembo for the OE refresh, but i can supply a lot of OE brands, Mintex, Pagid, Apec, etc to name a few so always worth asking if you've seen something not on the site

That second link are unbranded parts. The bearings in the rear discs will be cheap and not last long at all. I only stock the Renault rear discs as they have the proven wheel bearings in them (but cost more initially granted) . Like most things in life you get what you pay for, and car parts are no exceptions, whether it be brakes, tyres or coilovers

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