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Dangerous steering problem ...

Spent a good hour searching for any other problems but cant find anyone else with the symptoms I have ...

At high speeds (above 60) only when cornering the steering will suddenly tighten and loosen again causing me to 'weave'. Its pretty scary!

Also at low speeds I get a knocking grinding sound mainly when Im stop/starting in traffic.

Had two PE2s put on recently (used) and had tracking done also. Had some sportlines on which I did myself about 4 weeks ago.

The cornering issue has started happening since the tyres and tracking were done, so I took it back to garage that did the tracking and they said it was spot on...

I've always had the knocking at slow speed but the new springs didnt make it corner funny... 172 Cup btw...

Recent new rear shocks, checked the balljoints for play and N/S was a little loose. Dont think it would cause such instability mid corner though?

Any ideas?
if there's a knocking noise and you've found play in a balljoint, i'd do that first, see if it solves the wandering

there are a couple of horror stories on here about failed lower steering column U/Js, so it might be worth checking that as well
  clio sport 182
I think im experiencing this also, ive only had my clio a week so didnt know if it was just normal for the car but ive narrowed mine down to turning left (probably over 60 or so) and hitting a bump in the road, the car just sudenly feels as if it wants to spin for a split second then it seems to grip again, its defo a back end problem but i havent had time to look at anything yet, im going to get the shocks checked as a few people have mentioned they are notorious for movement, if that helps any
It's gone into Renault Services Nuneaton and they hve confirmed play in the balljoints so I'll let you know if this solves the problem later when I get it back. Dodgy rear end is definately shocks btw. Had mine done