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Dash Back Light


My dash light has gone which means I cant see radio station/time/temp and also any of the stereo lights...

All others work fine....

How easy is this bulb/s to replace or is a dealer job?

If you become a member theres a guide ive written in the guide's section. I dont have any other copys to send otherwise i would mate.

Its a fairly easy job. Dash off, Then the bulb holders twist out and new bulbs slot in.
Not sure, For me to get the dash off 15 mins, Change the bulb 2 mins.

Garage would probably charge an hours labour? anywhere up to 100 quid i would say.

Its an easy job, But annoying one, Phone up a specialist and ask i would say. Might be cheap !
The plastic bit in the center of the dash is all glued to the dash. The whole dash comes out. Its a few torx screws and a bit of pillar removing and it slides out the door side when you lift it out.

Ill PM you a link.
anyone know the bulb i need for the station/time/temp lcd display...?

Also I have noticed none of my stereo buttons light up - would this be down to the blow fuse which is causing it to switch off after 20 mins and not starting on ignition...its aint a bulb in the stereo - I know what LOL>>!!!
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ref the radio cutting out
mine did that... proper pain i no. its a fuse. its 1 of the smaller blue 1s. cnt remember wat the pic is but judt have a look n u shud find it