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Dash pod, what switches do i need


ClioSport Area Rep
so, need to get some switches to use for-
Hazard lights
Heated rear screen
Central locking
Cruise control/speed limiter

I know others have moved these onto a dash pod or custom switch board but unsure what switches ill need to wire them all in. Anyone got any info on this?
  Vauxhall Corsa
Did you get any further with this? Got any pics of finished switch panel?

I’m just starting to think about doing the same. Looking at SPST switches for on/off switches such as hazards, demister etc and DPDT(?) for window switches from driver’s side. Have you moved your window switches?


ClioSport Area Rep
not got much further with it yet bud as iv been doing other "side" projects.
still something I need to get finished.
ill also be moving window switches but again, not started yet.
have you found any useful info about it anywhere?
  Vauxhall Corsa
Only info I’ve found so far is from on here. I’m confused though why all three switches from existing panel above stereo hole have more than two wires feeding them (and the demister I think has about 6)? They’re not illuminated so must be another reason? Hopefully someone will be along soon to explain.

This guy got the hazards to working using just two of the three wires and a rocker switch:

I’ve been looking at SPST switches like these from Maplin for all but windows:

and these DPDT for the windows (they don’t lock in position in either of the on positions, just spring back):

I’ve read you need to cut or splice the wires for window controls before they go through into door.

I’ve also measured size of panel I need (will cover hole from stereo and hole from demister / hazards / central locking, but haven’t really thought about what I’ll make it out of. Probably carbon fibre ‘look’ plastic as it will be easier than the real thing to cut and drill without splintering (and it’s much cheaper!)


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  dan's cast offs.
look on the cbs website, plenty of guides on there about wiring and what types of switches to use.


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  Audi RS3, Clio 172
Third cable is for illumination of the switch, some of the switches are controlled via the UCH that's why there appears to be more than your normal live, neutral and earth.

@dann2707 has changed all his so he's the man to speak to.