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Dashboard has just lit up like Blackpool..any ideas

Ok, I exagerated slightly.

But the SERV light has come on, as well as the AIRBAG light. Ive checked the fuse, which is OK.

Anybody else had this problem, and if so, what was the cause?

Id like to sort this out myself, rather than hand over my Clio to the grinning fools at my local, caring, Renault Garage.

I cant look at my owners manuals, as they are in Belgian. This language is not on the school Curriculum here in South Wales.

Any ideas?

1. check haynes manual
2. take out lumination leads and wd40 them, poss dry joint?
3. its actually due a service and some reason the airbag sensor has been set off and needs tempting back into correct possition or pressure taking off the sensor.
4. theres a genuine problem with the airbag and the service light has come on because of this indicating it needs fixing.

thats all i can suggest, my car has no airbag so never experienced it

  Renault Laguna Coupe

This is a common problem. The leads for you seltbelt pretensioners have become loose. They are under the passenger & driver seats. If you can get hold of the relevant tech note you can fix it youself, otherwise itll take a Renault dealer about an hour. Make sure they do both sides!!

Thanks Telford_Mike.

The fault developed after a rear seat passenger had just evacuated the car via the passenger seat.

It looks like the leads under the passenger seat catch on the CD multichanger each time the seat is moved forward or back.

Just a case of bad design, I suppose.

Anyway, Ive managed to fix it myself, without having to take the car to Reno.

Thanks for the help!!