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DE-CAT 172

Had a de-cat pipe fitted to my MKII 172. I think it has the MKI engine in it though? It only has the single cat.

If you have this engine I suggest you have this done. I have a poweflow system all the way through sound fantastic!!! and goes a shed load quicker.

well have a look under it and find the cat :) its the box thats towards the front of the car thats kind ribbed check at the front ontop to see if there is something mounted there and then just after the cat see if there is another one mounted there i try get pics later if you wish

As far as I know all mk2s have two lambda sensors, mk1s had one originally then started having 2.

So Bazza, tell us where you got the de-cat and does your car defo only have one lambda sensor?

Tony - you should be able to check your cat, and see two sensors, before and after the cat.

Hehehe, so anyone else wanna say 1 cat 2 sensors? LoL no clio has had two cats...... well certainly not out the factory anyways.

So, Bazza how did they do it? as the ecu needs the difference to exist between the two sensors, without that it thinks the cat is dead and will show warning lights on dash etc, put maps to a safe mode (at a guess)......

So, hows it done?

The Cat was cut out and a new stainless pipe welded in. No warning lights at all just alot louder and quicker.


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Quote: Originally posted by dogmaul on 07 July 2003

masking tape, a small badger and a lilo :D
that method is for experts mate

the badger has to work so hard they need replacing every 2000 miles


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I think k-tec are working on a performance cat for the mk2 172 6-8bhp gains or somthing like that. That way you wont have to chuck the cat back on come MOT time.

I will certainly be getting one.
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problem is your ECU could update in 10 miles or 1000 miles. Loads of people think theyve got away with it then months down the line on come the dashboard illuminations!! DOH :D

Can i confuse matters here......

.....well, when I went into get my centre section replaced the garage had kindly ordered up the whole exhaust system just incase anything else needed replaced. The CAT section had two muckle CATs side by side, like a divers air tanks, they were HUGE!! I looked under my car when it was on the ramps and I had a one single small CAT. I asked the techy and he said it was the dual CAT was standard for 172s now??

I have sinced checked with three other MK2 owners(2 CUPS) and all have had the single CAT?

Hmmmm, could this explain things..........

Yeah the Mk1 had the double cats to start with then they changed to the single cat which continued into the Mk2 and cup.