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De Cat pipe

  306 GTI-6
Quick question will the K-Tec 'KTR' decat pipe fit my valver with a scorpion catback system?

Thanks in advance
Any links as the Ktec site doesn't work for me I've had a Scorpian system though and decat pipes are much the same so ill fit though.

Scorpian systems are a bit rubish IMO though.
  Clio 172 Cup
Yup the decat will fit
I've had 2 scorpian systems and both have given me no end of greif.
  Clio 172 Cup
Poor fitment being the biggest pain,
At the moment it doesnt hang right and the centre section is to big to go into the exhaust tunnel.
The baffles go. The hangers snap, the welds fail.
Haha my Scorpion centre box was a tight fit on my car - was ment to be for a valver tho. Everything else seems fine tho - brackets had to be custom welded