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Dead battery!

  R.I.P 182
How do i fix it? have to jump start it but i know noone with cables! If i ring AA would they fix it? or is there any other way of recharging it??

i think its died cause when i put the ignition on it sounds like a ticking noise!! And sounds like shite if i remote lock it (i can only do that as i dont have locks :rolleyes:

When its back on do i have to run the car for ages to let it recharge?

(ps its not in other marques cause its mechanical and its a battery that could be a clio ;) )

  Audi TT 3.2 V6
aa should be able to either charge ur battery up for you or jump you, if they jump you youll need to leave it running for 30mins-hour to charge up with fans/radio etc all turned off.

quick way to check your batt...turn your lights on and try start the engine if they dim alot more than usual its a battery prob.

if you can get a lift to tesco/halfords/wilcos....anywere really youd be as well buying a battery charger for like £10-15 and charging it yourself :)
Depends what state the battery is in Donna, might just need charging and be fine but some of them wont hold charge and you'll have the same problem again. Need's to be checked ideally if you've got homestart on your AA they may come and look at it and test the battery, best to give them a call. As for running it once its been charged if you only charge it enough to get the car started its best to give the car a good run so the altenator will top it up.
  R.I.P 182
Ah ok i understand..

Yeah the lights dim, when i lock it the indicators look shite and sounds like its struggling lol *meehhh* noise..

Ill have to wait till my mums back from the stables later to take me for a battery charger..

Would i just take it out the car then and bring it in to charge it? Would that work?

As you guys said ill have to let it run, is it best taking it out for a drive, or just leave it running? (or use my last quarter tank of petrol! lol)
Dont need to physically take it off of the car but you must disconnect it from the car before you put it on charge. If you had a headunit that has a code its worth finding that before you disconnect it too.

Taking it for a run is better ideally.
  MK1 Clio 16v
Be careful when locking/unlocking it as well with the central locking, you don't want the battery going flat when it's locked...
  R.I.P 182
yah but not the boot, i can still click the remote to open the boot, it doesnt like to open the doors with the solenoids :(
  R.I.P 182

trust me cause they dont work properly i need to fix them :(

Mates dad is an auto electrician hes on his way to come fix it lol :)
  R.I.P 182
Ok he came and its charging now but not draining so its ok.. he said its 5 yrs old though and is abit faulty, so i have to go buy a new one.. she started so think ill have a look wheres cheapish for one! I assume halfrauds will be expensive!
Local motorfactors will probably be cheapest. If you were closer i'd be able to sort one out cheap but bit of a trek for a battery unless it will last a couple of weeks, lol.
  R.I.P 182
lol. i have no tools to fit it will halfrauds do it? i know how to change it i just dont have the tools!! 10mm spanner is all i need!
  Audi TT 3.2 V6
yeah, i think halfords fit batterys for £3 ish...dead cheap...go look around the batterys and it will say fitting x amount
Flutter your eyelids at one of the spotty little chavs that work in there and im sure they'll make a bumbling attempt to swap it for you.