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Dead Horn :(

  Clio 1.2 Campus 4 speed!
I cant work this one out. I bought a new horn from the scrappy today (I couldnt test it working admittidly, but it's in far better condition than my current one), and replaced my old one but it still didnt work. So I checked the fuses and replaced it with another 20Amp but still nothing.

The thing is, I previously wired up my old horn to the "low brake pad detection" cable :D, assuming that was the negative cable to the horn as it was the only other cable dangling down not attached to anything, and it sort of worked but gives me the "brake pad low" light on in my dask, hense the attempted replacement. What I don't understand is that surely there should be two cables, positive and negative, going to it in order to pass a current? Both my car (clio 1.2) and the car I whipped the new one from were connected by just one which I dont get.

Where else do I look for problems? In the horn-press button? The bloody thing is an MOT essential and I feel a bit peeved thinking of paying someone to fix a simple noise maker :dapprove:
The earth for the horn could be the bolt used to hold it on.
You don't need an electric horn just get one of those squeeky horns from a push bike and attache tsomewhere you can use it.
  Lots of Alfas
Yeah as edde said the bracket that holds the horn on in the clio doubles up as the earthing point, the horn wont work if its not bolted onto the bracket, make sure where the horn touches the bracket it is clean and its secured tightly.