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Decat advice

  Clio 182 cup
morning chaps

for the past few weeks i've been having trouble with my cat its a euro cheap universal one...and was put on by the bloke i've bought it off basically a bodge job anyway dont wanna go into that but at the min i have a janspeed cat back supersports version and i spoke mi mate whos a mechanic yesterday and he said why dont i just get it decatted and siad it should not be any louder that it is now but will run alot richer...and will engine management light come on?

just need a bit advice do you think i should go for it?
  BMW E36 328
it will be alot louder if your putting a de-cat on, also will fail an MOT, but you can always just swap it back. I think the emmisions warning light will come on too but im not too sure on that one...
  monaco 172
My engine management light came on.

An your mate is talking crap, I've got the same exhaust and when I decat it the volume almost doubled.

You might struggle to get one on now your mate has welded the reducer sleeve in place as the ktr decat for this system just slots into the centre section