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Decent 172 garages - north west

anyone know of decent garage, whether main dealer or independent in the north west where they know what theyre doing with 172s.
i take delivery of my cup shortly and want to know who i can trust...dont want the hassle that i have with my local peugeot garage.



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Which is your local Pug garage?!

I am in the NW too and had a 106 GTi for 2 years, but my Pug dealer was spot on.
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well i dunno about the garage mate

but the bloke in parts at Dutton James in St Helens is sound, always talks to me about my car and mods.....

County Motors.....perhaps theyre just no good with s16s. what annoys me the most is that they dont listen to you when you know of a common fault with the car, then check other stuff (even replace it and then try to charge 60 quid per hour labour for the privilige.

im just a bit of a whingebag!



Dutton James in St Helens are excellent mines goning in there on Thurs. Caledonia Renault in Wigan regularly have 172s in for service.
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Avoid Caledonia Preston like the plague.
Dont reckon the mechanics there could find their own arse with both hands!


Kitchens in Burnley are pretty sound... the sales manager there has has a couple of 172s as his own cars, so they do know what they are doing there.


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  E90 LCI 330d

Well, I have know the sales manager at Kitchens (Dave) for a number of years now and he definately does not have a couple of 172s as his own cars!

He "had" a flame red mk2 for a short while, but that has gone now.


You may have noticed a V6 Clio driving about the area?!

This one in fact thats parked outside my house >>>

Guess whos that is?!

Actually it is not that quick and I was dissapointed when we went out in it, but it does look and sound *very* good!

p.s. Yes, Kitchens is a good Renault dealer.