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Deep scoring/scratching and rusting of rear brake discs

  Fabia vRS
Several months ago I notice that my rear discs were deeply scored, scratched, and very rusty. I presumed it was the pads that had worn down to the metal and were therefore damaging the discs. I replaced both discs and and pads on the rear. The deep scoring has now reappeared, but on my relatively new discs. Is this an issue that others have come across? Is it anything to worry about? Anyone know what causes it? Help appreciated :approve:
  DCi 100
The rusty ness will more than likely go away every time you use them relatively well, or atleast it does for me.

By scoring you mean a lip on the edge or in the middle of the disc?
  Fabia vRS
These are deep scratches in the middle of the disc. It looks rather unlikely to me that they are caused by the normal operation of the pads. I should also mention these are OE discs and pads.
The scoring would be caused by previously worn pads or grit/stones stuck between the pad and disc. If you are on a hefty mileage then time to change them, get them with the bearings fitted as thier time will be up as well soon, 2 jobs done for the price off 1. OE discs are as good as any.
  275 Trophy
Mine are in a similar condition to the OP, and the last time I took it for a MOT, the tester told me to ocassionally drive with the handbrake 'half' on to clean them up.