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Deep tapping sound from engine?

  172 ph2
Just recently i have noticed a deep tapping noise from the engine, it can only be heard inside the car on the drivers side? when looking into the engine bay you cant really hear it..
any ideas what this could be?
  Bumder With A Buffer
My 172 taps. Think it's the lifters though. It does it once it's warm and idling. I can hear that in the car more than outside as well. It goes if I blip the throttle then reappears after being left to idle for a few mins!

Dan (greeney on here) heard it
  Clio Trophy 182
hydraulic lifters for sure common problem. if its really bad you looking to spend big bucks mate...
  Bumder With A Buffer
They are generally tapper on certain cars I think?? Mines not loud and has always done it so never thought anything of it :)