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Demon Tweeks

I know some of you have said how good they are but I placed an order yesterday for delivery today and so far nothings arrived. So I just gave them a call and they tell me that they have no records of me or my order. Im well pissed off! Thought their service was suppose to be first class. Not happy at all! F**king b****x!

Over and out.....


Hurrah! The missus called to say that the parcel just arrived. DT are in my good books again (but I think they need to sort out their systems somewhere).

Its going to be a good weekend after all. Anybody know of anything happening in Bristol as Im down there this weekend??



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I have never had cause to complain about Demon Tweeks, in fact I would say they are an excellent company to deal with. The guys there are very efficient, helpful and friendly and I know that many Cliosport people would agree with me. Yours must have been an isolated complaint!
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Weston wheels is on this weekend just down the road in western on sunday starts at 2pm till late!
only a fiver on the gate!