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dension ice link

  ford racing puma

done a search for dension ice link, but confused. which one do i order for a 182?? and where from? can i fit it myself?

anybody with any idea on here?

thanks in advance

[Edited by zippyy on 6/3/2005 8:53:57 PM]

Dead easy to fit, well it is with my Sony head unit and when I had it fitted in my old Mini Cooper. I Put the headunit in my new 182 Cup - man is it a tight fit or what?? Anyway the icelink plugs straight into the cd multichanger socket. I imagine they make a kit for a Renault head unit?? Normally retail around £125, aftermarket headunit, then itll cost you around £75.

Buy yourself one!
  MGP W02

ill second that my ice link is mint but only after i upgraded the firmware... be warned dension support is gash... they closed their forums when stuff got negative... so they opened http://www.hackmycar.com but have a look so much usefull info to get ice link working mint! think they just brought the product out to market to quickly. from what i have read the new units are so much better!