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Descent All in Ones?

  A slow one :-(
Are there any descent all in one products that I can apply after washing the Clio.

As i'm back at collage and the nights are getting shorter I don't have much time now to go through all the AG/P21S process... plus I have no garage to put it if the weather gets crap durring the application process.

I am after some product which protects the paint work over everything else but it would be nice to get a semi descent shine from it as well. Is there a such a product?
  106 GTi
All in one products that work.

Polish and Protect - Autoglym Super Resin
Paint Clean and Protect - Klasse AIO
Piant Clean and Protect - Megs NXT

To be honest I would AG SRP, EGP x 3 your car now. Then whenever you do get a chance to wash, quick detail after and/or stick on a coat of P21s/wax if you do have a chance to.

A few layers of EGP, and waxing once a month will see you through the winter IMO. Plus it will take less time than washing and doing one of the above 3 all in ones.

Another good idea/route if your pushed for time is Optimum Car Wax (OCW), it is a spray wax/sealant which is as easy to use as a quick detail spray, and extra five mins after a wash and you can seal the whole car.

For my daily car I will wash, AG SRP and EGP it before the end of Sepetmber and then wash and OCW when I can be bothered until the spring.
  A slow one :-(
cheers Rich... the plan is to AG/P21S it this Sunday if i have time. Not sure about the 3 coats of EGP. Will have to see if the weather holds up as the last few times I washed the clio it chucked it down half way through applying the SRP :(
  106 GTi
You can always leave of the P21s and layer the EGP after the next time you wash it.