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Detailing Spray

  Clio MK 4
Been using britemax for a while and really like it but its running out and wondered if there is anything else anyone rates as good or better?
  Bumder With A Buffer
Red mist= Too expensive for me.

I have Red Mist and have used it about once. Plus its not really a detailing spray more a protection spray detailing spray so not "ideally" suited to use as a proper detailing spray. Takes a back burner to FinishKare #425 I love that stuff...(also have megs LT and some) britemax

  Bumder With A Buffer
"personally" I prefer the Finishkare mainly as its soo easy to use, especially when drying.

Plus its better value for money over the britemax stuff although I do REALLY like the britemax too.

Only thing that makes me say finsihkare is its value for money over the britemax.
  Bumder With A Buffer
I only have the normal Red Mist as well and not the Tropical version so maybe thats why I didnt like it. Normal version dried out Waaaayyy to quickly for my liking :(
And me!

Matt what's the dilution rate, if it can be diluted, of the britemax stuff?

It's not recommended to dilute #6S as its a premium detailing spray which adds protection a bit like Red Mist.

Last Touch is a great budget QD.
  Fiesta ST-2
I need to add a QD to my cleaning box as I havn't got one yet why don't they sell last touch in a smaller bottle?!