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Diagnosing a noise


ClioSport Club Member
Hey guys,
So trying to diagnose a noise which appears to be coming from the PAS pump on my 182. But before I go to the time and expense of paying someone to fix or attempting myself. I am chucking this out there for thoughts. Timing belt and dephaser were changed last year. The noise appears to be coming from PAS pulley. So I wonder if it’s on it’s way out. However when looking at the pulley there appears to be a weight or clutch style system on the pulley itself. Which is loose and when moved as per the video creates the noise. I expected the noise to be the belt tensioner pulley. Obviously if I have to replace the pump then I have to replace the AUX belt and therefore tensioner anyway. Any thoughts??



ClioSport Club Member
  Rusty Cup
That doesn't sound like the noise a failing PAS pump makes.

Certainly sounds like somethings loose though, ive had a number of bolts back themselves out in that area.