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did anyone get pulled at by the police after fcs?

  RS 182 CUP
saw an unmarked focus st flashing his blues and twos and flying off at some speed, then a few seconds later a marked octavia rs heading same direction, they were definatly after someone,anyone off here???
Either that or they where speeding to the scene of some Megane we where closely overtaken by then burst into smoke then flames lol!
Sorry but that is a bit of a stupid thing to say just because you don't like it, it's someone elses pride and joy. Doubt you would be happy if someone said they would like to see your car on fire.
  RS 182 CUP
i know yeah, only wanted to know if anyone off here got pulled or saw a chav in a saxslo being pulled!
  ITB'd MK1
Laine got stopped apparently. they wanted to know what he'd done to it as they'd never hear d a clio make a noise like that before, LOL