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Differing Race and Clios

I dunno why but it just occurred to me that at every meet I have been to, and even the huge gathering at Brands Hatch, that EVERY person who was there was white ! Why do you think this is ? Not that it makes absolute any difference whatsoever as race makes no difference but I just wondered why this is ?

Is there anybody on the boards who is of a different race ?

I did not know whether to post this as some people could deem it to be a touchy subject but we are all adults here, thought it could be an interesting subject.

well im half chinese although you might not notice at first! and one of my fellow clio owners that i know round my way has a nice black 16v, and hes black.

i know what you mean though. im sure theres no reason though.

although you have to takje into consideration this club is world wide, and there are people who post here from countries here there and everywhere! they just cant make the meets! lol!


Fair point DannyBoy ! It just seemed strange that is all. I have only ever been to 2 meets so it would be interesting to see if this was the same at every meet ?

On these boards I have noticed people posting from Australia and Mexico along with european countries.
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You and I are both Welsh Dai! Seriously though, you may have a point. In Telford if you did a survey amongst drivers of modded beemers youd find a much richer ethnic mix for example.

Definitely ! I know a lot of asian people drive asian cars such as Toyota, Honda, etc. and I would assume that they would choose them over our little french cars possibly ?
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A woman I work with whos black has a clio, but then Im in South Africa, but I would also say that its mostly whites who drive clios

Glad it was not just me then !

I cant believe I did not see you there Ben, should have looked harder I should have !

Im Chinese - not yet been to a meet but I hope to soon. In fact, I was one of the lucky ones to be allocated an initial ticket, but I had to decline because I was due to be moving house that weekend. Didnt end up moving and missed a good weekend @ Brands :(.


Daipac: I noted that at my first meet too - but being of Sri Lankan extraction myself, thats not suprising....

Interesting that you spoke of Asians driving Asian cars - I always thought of them as Japanese cars but yes your right!

Steve: Where do you live?

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I have a mate who is of Jamaican origin and his parents are French and live in France i think - he drives a Clio RSI 1.8 there you go!