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Difficult Situation.

OMG. I was on the way to work this morning(Windsor from Maidenhead) when i decided it was safe to overtake a van travelling 50 in a 60 zone. Went passt him and had loadsa room but still the vanman flashed me and threw me a gesture. I engorned him as i coundnt give two sh*ts and carried on my way to work.

The road slows down to a 40 zone and within a few minutes i had the same van flying up my ass. I could see in my rear view the guy was absolutely screwin. Kept shoutin, shufflein about and then it came accross me that he was holdin a bat in his right hand. ohh. He kept holding it in view then puttin it away. He was an ugly b*****d, no teeth, tatoos, baseball cap(and bat)quite stocky, just a complete ogar.

The road remained 40 but split into two lanes. I chose the outside lane and he came up next to me on the insude. Where the guy swerved into my lane trying to ram my car. I had to swerve onto the wrong side of the road to avoid him. This is where i realised he was out to kill me.

I booted it upto 60 in a 40,which i normally dont do, but then we came to a roundabout, where i had to stop. the guy came up behind me, hopped out shoutin, u mother f**ker im gunna kill u, u little f**kin c**t, blahblahblah. Holdin his baseball bat in his right hand for everyone else on the road to see. so i waited for him to come up to my rear quater and by then some traffic had clered so i budged forward. He shot back into his van and followed me out onto the roundabout.

He then, still shoutin with his bat in his hand, followed me round the roundabout. I could see down every exit and each one was blocked. So i kept going round and round. He followed untill my antics pisst him off so he just pulled up in the middle of the roundabout, and like the hero he was got out with his fookin bat, stood in the road and waited for me to come round. So i pulled up next to him and he started, "u f**kin little sh*t, overtake mee, comon then, u wanna fight, comon, f**kin little c**t, im gunna get u."

It crossed my mind just to get out and see what he was all about, then i thought again, As i drove off again he took a quick swing then hopped back in his van. I thought best thing to do is leave the situation before someone gets hurt. So i went round one more time and eni meni mini moed an exit. I went down the A355 towards slough where i lost him.

WTF!!!!???!!! Im confused to think what i did wrong??? Overtake a nutter??? Should i tell the police about the situation??? Im not really shaken up but did walk the rest of the way to work with my wheel brace. Help please, what should i do? Thoughts plzz?

P.S keep well clear of Red Vans with the plate either F119 or F199. didnt get the rest.

Definitely inform the police IMO. I saw a guy in a van swerving across two lanes on the motorway attempting to ram someone but then pulling away at the last minute, prick! People like this want locking up, not like you did anything wrong overtaking him and to be fair even if youd gone past him at 90mph and cut him up a bit it still doesnt justify or warrant the kind of reaction you got, obviously a pyscho (bat was probably woodedn with nails in it !)
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I think this is definately a situation for the old bill. Its not like you slept with his wife or something, you only over took a his VAN ! This bloke sounds like a complete nutter, were there any cameras along the road that might have clocked his wild behavior ?

What happens if its his regular route to work ? & you see him again ? best just to report it, surely there were some witnesses ? Maybe they got his number plate ?



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I had a similar experience on way to work this week, white van man pulls out in front of me on a roundabout, I slam anchors on, we both pull off roundabout on 70mph dual carriageway, I go to overtake and he swerves trying to ram me with fists shaking and him shouting summit. Im a little confused so stick my finger up, wave goodbye and floor it down the dual carriageway, last I saw was him flashing his headlights.

Why do they just blame everything on us when there in the wrong!

Dust, probably best you didnt get out the car, you could be in hospital now, seriously, some people are f*cking mental.

Please, please, please inform the Police. There can only be so many red vans with F119 as part of their registration registered to a man of that description in that part of the country. You may not want to take it any further, but at least the Police will have a record of it for the future.

A similar thing happened to me a while ago in Cardiff - I was lucky to be in my 16v and able therefore to out-drive the idiot in his blue Astra as I decided to take a country-road that I know every twist and turn of.

Youre telling me, went to pick my GF up from a club one night, it was foggy and I nearly ran these to blokes overon the road leading to the club, (was doing about 25/30mph) anyway one of them spat on the car so I locked my wheels up to see what his problem was. They started to run towards the car and I realsied they were both pretty big lads so I slowly pulled away.

Anyway I drove into the grounds of the club and with in 30 seconds an Orion pulls up with 3 or 4 lads in, passenger jumps out (big mush from before, gold chains and all) and comes over to the window tries the door but its locked (thanks clifford) looks at me and says "yeah!" or something and then proceeded to put his fist into my window, luckily the tints held it together and I managed to pull away and park up by the hotel next to the club. They nailed it off staright away clipping some xr2 on the way out. Got most the plate and gave a statement but the police did nothing.

Report him..chances are some else who saw it already has (I know I would) and the police could be waiting for you to come forward.

And as its already been said, its probably on camera us all a favor and nail the tw*t.

Well done for keeping it together mate, there are some complete tw*ts on the road, he doesnt deserve a license if hes gonna drive like a pr*ck. Id have been bricking it, so nice one for keeping it cool.


Yea thats what crosst my mind, the guys a complete loon and if i get out im gunna get intoduced to his bat for sure. And i hate hospitals. What a cocksucker. No1 needs people like him. Just a prick, and hes ruined my day, im outraged! :mad:

Proper , just what you need early morning on the way to work , nutter in a van , it happens mate , there are some lunatics about , i wouldnt do anything mate just laugh it off , it makes me laugh when u see them in your rear view mirror going ape. i live in the area so will look out for red van man. :)

Had the same (kind off) a few years ago in my mums clio, he came shooting up my ass in his white escort van flashing his lights, obviously pissed off cause i was keeping to the speed limits of 30mpd and he must have been in a rush. Ignored him till we stopped at lights with him behind me, thought nothing of it till he appears at my window brandishing a hammer. I got out and towered over him asked him politely what his problem was and what he was going to do with the hammer, it was 2pm in the afternoon he looked round and then ran back to his van and whhelspinned off the mark nearly hitting me with his wing mirror and went kamikazi stylee through the red lights. What can i say some mother do have em.

usually the police are f*cking useless in this situation , about a year ago i was with my now x wife on the m4 going towards london , a prick in a saab was swerving from side to side like he was drunk, when she pulled out to overtake he swerved in frount of her and braked , she eased back , he pulled in , she eventully got passed but he overtook her again the pulled in in frount and again put his brakes on and would not let her pass again, by this time she is frightened , i get on the blower to the police , explained the situation and that he is going to kill some one before long, gave them the make , model and reg , were they interested , were they f*ck, they said unless i have a witness they cannot do anything , they would nt send a squad car to have a look themselves , how can you get witnesses when you are driving on the motorway , they were just not interested.

just got back form the cop shop. Reported the vanman. At first they said have you got the plate, i told them only the first 4 digits. Then she siad she cant do anything unless i have the full plate. WTF? I told her there cant be many blue vans with the plate startin F119 in this area!!??? she called someone then came back to me and said oh... we can do a search. HA, nowonder ur on the desk and not sloving crimes. She was shocked when i finished the story. and put it on the system. Dangerous, iractic driving. :D sounds good to me.

Wellard - where u live? im in Maidenhead and have only seen 1 cup. could have been u.
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Dust, are there any CCTVs or speed cameras on that road? Can the police check those as the incident may have been caught on tape?

Easy to say in hindsight, but could you have headed toward a police station, or called them on your moby? again easier to say than do, but he sounds like a right meat head.


Dust , i live in maidehead , in the 6 months i have had mine i have only seen 1 other cup in the area so it was probablly me mate, what colour is your valver , will look out for you.


I was looking at a letter that we were sent at the Citizens Advice Bureau, from the landlord of a house. He was refuting claims made by his tenants that he was wrong to throw them out.

In his support, he enclosed photographs of the garden of the house and some of the rooms. The garden was disgusting - and most disturbingly, filled with old prams, teddy bears, toys and clothes, as well as needles.

Just think of the poor kids that must be in that house. Thats why we get people who go around shooting people and stuff like that - theyve never known kindness themselves and have grown up with poverty and violence.

Worst part of my job:(


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Hope they catch the nutter! Thing is though, most are hard as nails when there in the car, flashing lights and going crazy but when you actually kick up a fuss and start having a go back, theylll leave it!

About a year ago, me and my mate (big scouser) where coming home from uni down dual carriageway and this businessman in a mondeo estate was right up my arse, I pulled in to let him past and he sticks his finger up, pulls in front and slams the anchors on, then accelrated away. Really pissed me off, so I caught up with him, pulled alongside and went mental at him, shouting at him through window etc, my mates like calm down, but the businessman said sorry, Im so sorry dont hurt me, lol

When it comes to baseball bats and hammers though, Id prefer to run then stand!

I know we live in a f*ucked up world but there is probably a lot more to that than we know about , i e drug related e t c . A couple of months ago there was a man shot in his car in sheffield, only a couple of streets away from a friend , wont go into details but he pissed off the wrong people.


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Yeh I bet drugs play a part in a lot, some people just need locking up and but raping for a few years

Madness mate, well done for not losing your rag, I think I may have tried running the pr1ck over if he came near me waving a fecking bat. Goes to show you just dont know, they now have machine guns in Bexleyheath !!!!

Dust, was it a blue van or a red one as you have said both ???

Maybe your sight is going and you did cut him up after all !!!!! Maybe the van was the one off of the Cannonball run where it changed colour when you washed it ??????

lol. butt raping!

When i went and told the lady at the desk about the ragin loony she said your case is being allocated. now ive never reported anything before so i said thanx and left. Soon after i recieved a call from the police and i thought, fookin ell that was quick! But it was to ask why i left. oops.:oops: Didnt realise i have to go in the interview room with a policeman! i just absconded! hehe.

Anyway the policeman was v.nice and he explained without the full reg he would have to go though a list of hundreds of cars to find him. Then because he made no damage to my car, would only be able to do him under section 5, public disorder, and he would only get a warning. So i thought theres no point wastin police time, i said for him to inform the traffic police and keep a look out for him. if they find him the police may press charges and i will have to give an offical statement. I would rather police spent time findin those crack dealers and murderes than wastin there time with a loser. He also said its "its those fookin van drivers mate, when i overtake they always get arsey, but i just show them the finger" lol thought this was quite funny! and true, van drivers just get outraged when bein overtaken.

Scudetto - there were speed cameras, but no CCTV which i could see. I suppose the police may check the cameras now ive reported the situation

Wellard/Scudetto - red 16v M***SBH. look out for me! im always up for a race! King of the three rounds along the A4 through Maidenhead! come and give it a go if u tink u wellard enough!;)
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Dust, I cant drive for toffee, so I politely decline the race offer. But I challenge you to a toot and a wave, instead! :D Im RA**HZD. Coz Im a HaZarD!


That sucks.... I know loads of people that work at our head office in sluff, that have had their cars broke into, its naff, and theyve all said the police dont give a damn....

Mind you if you want stupid, Mercedes A class on the A2 coast bound from Kidbroke park to Danson (where I get off), it goes up the hard shoulder then down the hatching.... if I ever tried that, guaranteed the fuzzd be out to get me... yet when every other moron does it....

Maidenhead. Jn 8/9 off the M4. Heathrow Jun off M25 i tink. Where r u? need to come to one of these meets methinks.