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Direct Line: Buch of tw*ts

  Clio 197

Called to tell them about my smaller cheaper 15" wheels.

They want an extra £200 per year, and want to put my excess up by £150.

What a bunch of t*ssers!

Im deffo changing insurance now: Who to go for?

26, 3 yr NCB, 3week disqual three years ago (SP50), excellent postcode.

  172 Cup

Im more than happy with Direct Line. 27, no points, full no claims - £400 fully comp (172 Cup)
  Clio 197

Road performance is the same really - feedbacks deffo better.

If I were to fit identical 16s only a different colour, theyd put up my premium even more...

Looking for a "mod" friendly insurance company now... :(

Currently paying £970!!
  2012 WRX Waggon

Im with piviledge - who are basically direct line.

£419 F/C Protected, million years no claims,garaged - sh*te post code apparently.
  Clio 197


I still feel that £970 for a decent character like me with 3yrs NCB to be too much..

Guess they dont like disqualifications either!


  RS 182 - Black Gold

Try Greenlight or Tesco

Both gave me similar prices!! and are known to eb pretty good rnd here

I would recommend churchill. 22yr old female 3yrs NCB clean licence on a LCR £700. Not bad at all.

And ive just changed from Direct Line :D

Tried CIS? they were good with me. went from a 1.4, to a 1.6 megane engine and didnt affect insuance. not in the same league as a 182 but they seemed good with mods on mine so might be cheaper?

pay £1200 with them now. thats at 19 with 0 NCD and a 1.6 Mk1 clio. cheapest quote i got to that was £2200
  Clio 197

Many thx for replies...

Greenlight - No Good (wont insure me on 15s, but will insure me on 18s)

CIS cant process my application online

Virgin are essentially the same as Directline or Tesco afaik : Just under £1000.