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Disconnect fuel line from petrol tank

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Hi and thanks to anyone reading this.

Can anyone tell me how to disconnect the fuel line from the tank in the picture?

Feel like a wally asking for help but I am stuck, I've tried pulling turning twisting but it's just not revealing anything to me and I don't want to damage it. Getting stuck in to a back end refurb and with the tank out the way I can start treating the underside.

Thanks for any help!


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ClioSport Club Member
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Aye, there will be a tab to squeeze in.

Use something to pry between the connector and the tank to help lever it off, but go easy so as not to snap it.
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Thanks fellas. It does want to slide off to the right but I can't see find or feel anything to push in, yet!

I'll have another go at it using a bit of leverage, cheers


ClioSport Club Member
Yes it is mate, the tab is under my finger in the attached picture, would have sworn it was all molded together!
Great feeling to have everything clear and the next stage to go at.
Thanks for your help lads :)
You had more patience than me, I would have just ragged it off 😂