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dj hero thumbs up

  ibiza cupra
just had a play in hmv and i think its a class game. makes me wana go and buy an xbox just so i can have it lol.
  R.I.P Clio
Ive just completed it myself!! Well ive done all of the mixes. 69% total completion! 143 stars left to earn!
Some crackin mixes on there but some not so good ones aswell! Im lovin it though!
Pretty sweet you can play as Daft Punk lol!
Ive been playing as DJ Shadow since I unlocked him though, think both the character and DJ are SICK!
Better get practisin to boost all my scores to 5* for each mix!
  57 Clio Campus Sport
I was looking at Renegade edition but decided I better try it in a shop somewhere before I put £140 notes on the table
  R.I.P Clio
I was tempted too but didnt wanna pay the extra for a metal case (which im not going to use to carry it anywhere) a stand I dont need as I play sat on my bed with it infront of me! I spose the Jay- Z & Eminem tracks would have been good to play but ah well, not worth the extra monies tbf

EDIT : -

Again not worth it unless, as stated, you are a "hardcore fan" ... Plus the Jay - Z Eminem bonus is an Album so doesnt effect the game at all.... Yeh ill pass!
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ClioSport Club Member
  Audi A4 Avant
Good idea for a game - saw someone using it in HMV on Saturday. I'm tempted, but I think it'll be another one of those games like Guitar hero - use it a couple of times then push it underneath the bed to gather dust!
  BMW M135i
Picked up myself one on saturday, well impressed thus far. Some of the mixes are questionable but good stuff other than that.
  Formally Clio 182
Guitar hero is much more fun and great for parties.

Not sure how this game would work with mates round?
  Facelift R53 Cooper S
I played this (in HMV too coincidently) and on easy it was too easy, and on medium it was too hard :(

/DJ Failure
  A silver one
Guitar hero is much more fun and great for parties.

Not sure how this game would work with mates round?

You can play 2 player with a guitar from Guitar Hero.

Had a go in Game on Saturday. Seemed ok. Needed to do the training though to figure out some of the techniques.

The only problem is that it seems VERY expensive. It was £99.99 in all the stores and £89.99 online. Renegade Edition was £169.99 in stores, but have seen it online for £139.99, which is still a rip off.

Were the Guitar Hero games not £69.99 when they first came out?
Got this for Christmas from the GF and I love it. Im not a gamer by any means, and my xbox has been sat dormant for almost a year, but this got me back using it. some cracking fun to be had. also got guitar hero which is good. apart from that id rather spend the time on my real decks than sat on any other game
  BMW F21 125d
GH games with guitars are still £70.
I bought DJ Hero for £60 the other day but not played on it yet.


I've not been able to stop myself from playing it all Christmas!! On Christmas day my 360 decided it didn't want to read the disc, so I popped round my mates to try it out, the next day he went out and got it, so we got together for a beer and DJ Hero evening. His wife couldn't stop laughing!! We also had the guitar hero guitar out with one on the decks. lol

I've finished it, but only on medium and a few on Extreme. The scratch perverts sets are hard enough on medium let alone anything higher.

I've never been a big fan of guitar based games or music so this is perfect for me. By far one of the most fun games I've played in a long time. I'm glad it turned out so well. I'm not a fan of Activision but the lads at Freestyle are a top bunch and deserve it to be a hit.

I've rinsed 660 achievement points out of DJ Hero already since Xmas day!!


ClioSport Club Member
I got the renegade version for my Wii from Game website for £99.98!
  ibiza cupra
ended up getting this for my birthday and havent been able to drag my self away from it since lol. you can also play a 2 plaer with this too, just need another turntable.
  Clio 182 cup'd
I spotted the Renagade version in Game for £40 brand new today. I'm a serious Guitar Hero fan, will I like this?