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do i have a leg to stand on?

ok a long story but bare wth me, basically i got an alarm fitted with a so called alarm specialist costing me £300, i got this fitted so i wouldnt have to use the old one, and said this to the garage and yeah thats fine, so picked up and they said its all done great i thought a nice new alarm, parked up and locked the car, when i came to use it again the old alarm system had kicked backed in immobilising the car, which is the whole reason i had the new one fitted, so took it back there and they said right they had to re-programme the ecu and would cost me £100, which i couldnt afford at the time so just stuck with having the 2 alarms on it, but as most f you know the old unit isnt reliable at all and there for stops me from starting the car. so i took it in to the same garage to have the ecu done, and i got a guy on in the inside who is keeping an eye on it for me, which the garage dont know about, when i dropped the car off i told him if its anymore than the £100 quoted i dont want it done, and he (my insider) has told me that its going to be about £160, so when i go to pick the car up tomorrow have i got a case for not paying the extra amount on the £100 i was quoted, the quote was about 2 months ago btw. im going to say that they sold me an alarm under false pretenses and should of known about having to do the ecu and told me before hand.
cheers for the attention any comments or suggestions welcome.
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first of all i would ask them to rectify the problem, bollox to the reprogramming of your ECU it should be fit for the purpose set out in the first place.
If they wont budge you need to put it in writing saying your unsatisfied with the goods and service they have sold you send the letter recorded so they know you mean business
then if no action is taken by them get in touch with your local trading standards office, Also inform your seller your going to do this

advice can be had here
cheers for the advice, its the old unit that needs to be taken off the ecu for the immobiliser to stop kicking in, (should of been a bit clearer in first post)
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if theyre a specialist surely they should have informed you before hand that 2 disable the old alarm theyll need to reprog ur ecu?
i should be picking it up today, my insider has told me that they have cleand up the ecu and serviced it and thats what there charging me for but i didnt ask them to do this so i dont have to pay for it? am i correct in thinking this
If you specifically said you didn't want the old alarm on there then haven't done the job that you have asked for.

The problem is is you took the car off of them, i guess you should of contacted them straightaway to say they hadn't done it. By dragging it on over months and just having verbal agreements you might struggle to be honest...
they are in the wrong here mate and i would not budge on paying them anything what so ever they should have anticipated this when they installed the new alarm..go to trading standards mate and get it sorted DO NOT PAY THEM ANYTHING OVER WHAT WAS QUOTED and get your money back from the above..w*****s lol
^^ thought so, i took the car off them then took it back when i found the old alarm on there, thats when they said the extra £100, which i couldnt afford at the time after just forking out £300 on an alarm reckon i should ask to speak to the manager and explain to him?
picked up the car at 1 needless to say the old alarm was still on the car and the reprgoramming was unsuccesful so they need the car back on monday for another week, i got the keys and left the garage so if i take the car somewhere else it means ive gained a free service and clean up of the ecu. only downside the guy who i was talking to about the failed fix was nice as pie and got all the grunt of a desatisfied customer