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Do I take my rear seats out?

  Swift Sport
I've been thinking of doing this for a while now...

I've been driving around with extra weight in the car today and I couldn't help thinking it felt slower. My mate took me out in his 197 the other day after taking his rear seats out and he said it felt slightly better too. Another friend claimed that the car feels better under braking and sounds better in the cabin.

What are peoples opinions on here?



ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 200 RS EDC
I like it if done properly - to me a car with std seats and just half stripped just looks like a shed.
I took my rear seats out and built a false floor and housed my rear speakers in it.

Main reason I did it was so when more than one person at a time asks for a lift I can simply smile and point to the back of my car ;).

Seriously though, it never really made much of a difference taking them out, I just prefer the look. If you're wanting to to take them out for performance reasons, you're better going the whole hog and strip everything out.
  Golf GTD Mk7
How did you find those bolts that hold the isofix bar down? Mine came out nice and easy but alot of people have problems with them.

Had issues with mine when I tried undoing them with torque bit, but using socket it was fine, although one had threaded or was rusted up.
  Static Low
Took mine out. Love it !
Getting a showcage made up and fitted in a few weeks, then gonna carpet round it. my exhaust sounds awesome now too from inside
Had issues with mine when I tried undoing them with torque bit, but using socket it was fine, although one had threaded or was rusted up.

I used a torque bit in a Dewalt cordless drill and they came out fine. I think the previous owner had removed the back seats though for his sound system, so when I came to remove them they hadn't had chance to rust up.
  Golf GTD Mk7
Just seemed like a strange comment to make champ. nothing pikey about it. No one around where i stay has any form of cage.. plus i drive a 1.2 & its all about the look :)

Fare enough mate. It said more sarcastically to be honest hence the ---> ;).
  330Ci (Fail)Sport
Mine seems to handle better since stripping the rear, definitely louder, and hard braking results in the bank end skipping out a bit. Not really sure if it feels quicker in 1st or 2nd, 3rd and 4th feel quicker but I'm putting that down to the colder weather.
  White clique
It's not the prettiest sight tbh, needs carpeting now. Will get pics though!

Well I wasn't expecting any difference tbh, but it does kinda feel better. Probably just the placebo effect of thinking it's better just because I've made a change to the car. :)

Just taking the parcel shelf out of my 197 made it sound better, i do the same with my Z4 now!

The Boosh!

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  Elise, Duster
Took mine out today and put carpet over it.. Loud as f**k but car seems MINUTELY better. More for the look/noise inside the cab if you ask me.
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i took mine out about a month ago for a track day and havent put them back in. i managed to save about 35kg just by removing some of the rear.
  Tin Can with wheels
seats out carpet in.... thats the way forward done mine about 11 months ago