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Do standard clio engine undertrays fit a 197?

  Clio mk3 197
Hi guys
New to the forum and owned a 197 since febuary, loving it but i bought it as a repo and its previous owner had little to no skill in looking after it (rattle can wheels and trim with paint runs,thermostat was stuck open,radiator leaking, steering lock hanging down etc...) so im working through his mess.
Anyway when I drive through the smallest of puddles I get error lights just relating to the engine malfunctioning(misfire, throttle body codes)obviously from splash damage.There is no undertray on the engine.
But the question is will a standard undertray fit the 197?, tried renparts and other breakers all saying they dont have any pressumably due the majority of the accidents being frontal

Anyone else with no undertray experienced this?

Cheers for any help guys!