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Do you like this

  7.6cc :D

I do like it but i wouldnt want my own car to look like that, if you know what i mean?

I liked the meshing, but wouldnt remove the diamond badge.

dont like it at all, prefer more subtle/smooth looks on the clio, and what are the functions of them vents on the mirror for lol

Looks good I think, not a fan of the 172 shape to be honest but that motor looks good, mirrors are saddo but apart from that a big yes !



I like the bottom picture. Retains the badge and alot of the original styling, but it has the meshed grill.
  7.6cc :D


Dont worry, im not having it, or would i

I just wondered what everyone else thought, i would say its

80% noooooo
20% yes



I am still a fan of the grill. Am unsure about the rear spoiler. The rest Im dont really like. The small wheels dont do it any favours!!! Just something I noticed, Is this a uk car?? As around the Diamond on the boot, it is not colour coded, it is painted my dynamique and had also better be on my extreme!!!!!

i agreed with Joe... sooner have a STD looking street sleeper with some fat BHP... they a fancy looking christmas tree...

each to their own tho...
  7.6cc :D

hehehehe id better change that to:

99% yuck
1% ok

I really hope the owner of that car isnt reading this, id feel very guilty now lol

(if he is...........i quite liked it, it looks like a spaceship)
  320d M Sport

Jilly, I have deduced that you also post on SSC as JVB172, am i right? Do i get a prize???


Err feel silly but I think it looks nice, the grille is definetly a bit fussy, but the rest looks cool. I take it I am in the minority, but never mind

Alex M
  7.6cc :D

Joe, i have no idea what loons or Khaftans are, stop acting your age

Oh and ......stop picking on me