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Dodgy 172?

  172 Exclusive #114
Right, I'm on the verge of buying a 2001 Y 172 Exclusive from a local dealer. I thought I'd be MR fooking Sensible an get an RAC Check done on it just to be sure. In the process, I turned up this information:

Manufacturer: RENAULT
Colour: GREEN
Fuel type: PETROL
Date manufactured: 02 May 2001
Number of previous owners: 1
Last owner change: 23 March 2002

It's currently done 62,000 - Now, if I understand that correctly; it was brought from new and then transfered on 23/03/2002 - and seeing as it's currently owned by the garage, it would appear to have been there for 5 years?! Yes, I admit, it could actually be owned by someone who works at the garage, but I've not been told that's the case.

What does everyone think, sound strange?
the garage will not have registered it in their name... they don't have to. It will still be registered to the person that tarded it in/ the garage bought it off
  172 Exclusive #114
That's fair enough - but if it's had 1 owner and he got rid of it in March 2002 - wheres it been?
  Mondeo STTDCI
With the owner currently on the logbook. If you wanted you could ask the dealer to see the V5 and he might let you. Then you'd know.
  172 Exclusive #114
That's fair enough, I'll pop down in the week and do that.

Edit: That's about how my Sunday morning brain had just figured it out too!
you do not understand how the information is being shown to you. 1 previous owner = 2 owners. the CURRENT owner has had it since March 2002.

The PREVIOUS owner had it before this
  Scirocco GT 210
If you look it says "number of previous owners", which means the first owner (the previous owner) had it from new until 23/3/02. That second owner has had it from 23/3/02 until he/she traded it into the garage, but it's still registered under this owner as the garage don't register cars under their own name.

So you'll be the third owner.

That's my understanding of it anyway.

*EDIT* - Argh, d.brown beat me to it!
  Citroen DS3 DSport
Yeah, as d.brown has stated the information is correct. The current owner will not become listed as a previous owner until a new buyer has the car transferred into his/her name.
  RS Clio 172 Ph1
Nah forget it mate. If it's belonged to a garage it's been hammered by every one of those dodgy salesmen.
  M2 Competition
JuanBoy said:
Nah forget it mate. If it's belonged to a garage it's been hammered by every one of those dodgy salesmen.

Read above posts. Digest information. ;)

You'd be the third owner, the garage has never owned it. Nothing dodgy at all mate.