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Dodo Wax

  Not got a car
I currently have the Orange Crush ( Soft Wax) and have placed yet another order with Clean Your Car, (cant stop myself) and ordered some Banana Armour which is a hard wax, does this mean it lasts longer? as this is why i have bought it for the winter?

Also bought Chemical Guys Maxi Suds and Chemical Guys speed detailer. Love Chemical Guys atm all their stuff is spot on.
  Za**** & Xr250R
I was at NE detailing on Friday and the gentleman there told me to use a hard wax if you do alot of miles as last's longer and the softer wax for look's basically as it gives the wet look :)
  Black Gold Trophy
a hard wax will last longer in terms of how long it will be before the pot runs out because it can be applied in thinner coats, you'll see what i mean when you apply it. Rather than squeezing the wax out of a bottle and onto your applicator, you are rubbing the applicator in the pot and you only get a very thin covering of wax over the applicator.
  Megane R26
The hard waxes do seem to last a touch longer, but I certainly wouldn't have bought BA if you already have OC.

You should give Vics Concours a try, on top of Clearkote RMMG - looks epic on oranges and reds.
just put some supernatural on my car and im very impressed, all the dodo products seem to come up trumps.