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Does n e 1 know how to clean a piper-x induction kit

mine came with some funny cleanin fluid, dunno how it works never needed it, probably lost it by now anyway

Use the cleaning stuff it comes with. Think you can buy it too. Or if you have use of a air line just blow it all over.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

i dont think soap would break down the oil and remove it and the filthy stuff it holds

ive been told by Nick Hill you can use Carb Cleaner, its probably the same stuff they use for PiperX as they do for RamAir

yep.. carb cleaner is great.. so is gunk. but gunk needs washing in water afterwards and then blowing dry with an airline.

carb cleaner.. just spray n then let dry, then reoil.

and... you can get a hell of a buzz of the solvents lol ..

hey man.... those colours... those sounds.. LOL