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Does this happen to you

I have noticed over the last 3 months of 172 ownership, just how many cars will stay with you for longer than you think, these were at most 4 car lenghts behinde me until I hit 4th:cry:

Civic 1.4

2.0 ltr 16v SRI Cavalier

Zetec-S Fiesta

Then you go and trounce something like a 325 ti ( new compact with 190 ish bhp )

I know its got a lot to do with temp, gear, ppl in car, fuel load etc etc, but just wondered if anyone else had being supprised by other, supposidly faster cars?

The only real driving ive done with a 172 and a Cup is tracktime. I dont mean to blow my own trumpet but any similar cars havent been that close, ive achieved better times in the Cup than people in their Boxsters and other supposedly more focused cars. With the 172 especially its a lot easier to get 10/10ths out of the car than say a CTR which was a bit irratating in the lack of feedback it gave. The Cup provides more of a challenge, understandable as its more focused than the 172, the less weight really matters too. Ive been so impressed by the two cars that i dont think there is an alternative car to get!


I managed to annoy a Mercedes CLK owner on Sunday, driving down the A31 from Winchester to the A3, he tried everything he could to loose me... didnt get very far I was stuck to his ass like glue, he got even more annoyed when I dropped to third on the A3 snuck out past him and floored it. Im not sure if he what he was more annoyed with, that he couldnt shake a Clio or that it was a woman driver.... oh well he shouldnt have bought a Merc...
  CTR EK9 turbo

Norfolk-172 - maybe its the norfolk air that your clio doesnt like? hehe ;)

A lot of factors go into play with regards to cars "keeping up", in that you were probably not pushing yours as much as the other driver would have been. Also remember when you look in your mirror, cars appear closer than they are - or is it the other way round?!

Also time to change gear, line taken around corners, fuel tank contents, engine bay temp, engine oil temp (rev limiter cuts in early 6800 is cold), tyre pressures. The main factor is the driver.

Could it be that when you look in your rear view that youve stopped accelerating and the car had caught up with you? I only say this because a "civic 1.4" should be miles back! (maybe they all had NOS?)

172chick - whereabouts are you based? I prowl the A3 between petersfield and guildford regularly- its a great toast route, especially with the Liss roundabout, a test of handling, acceleration and balls/guts. I live near Hindhead...

Simon172 only the finest air in Norfolk haha ;)

Yeah I went for it, with all of em, the cav was from first gear, warm engine to! I think your right about looking in the rear view mirror, I just want a car that leaves EVERYTHING for dust :devilish:

The cav in question is my bros car, it does go VERY well for what it is, hes had it off the clock and if the rev counter is to be belived it worked out at 144mph!

He did say it seemed like I was going much quicker than him, but I didnt think so, well not as quick as I would expect from a 36bhp advantage + the weight advantage?

As for the Civic mmmmmm cold engine, so could account for it. The bloke driving is a NUTTER, but when I was in fourth on the rev limiter going round a tight ish left hander he was left behinde, but again I didnt think I would need to push that hard to lose him.

Maybe I just expect to much from my 172?

To be honest i think you are expecting too much, normally you need about 40bhp on the open road to see a difference, with all the small factors mentioned everything youve said seems viable.

I raced a M.Benz ML55 the other day and totally demolished him. But on the other hand I did drive like a maniac and didn´t slow down till I hit 200kmh (about 125mph).

Norfolk - ive been suprised by a Zetec-S. Fookin thing took me when i wasnt expecting it, then to my suprise i couldnt catch him for sh*t. I was outraged!:mad:

Yep there quicker than I would of thought Dust.

Got me thinking to, Zetec-s with throttal bodies, and cams mmmmm could swap my Clio for that possibly?

Or just save for throttal bodies on my 172, oh and wait 3 years for the warranty to run out lol.
  RB5 & 172

i got a shock from a golf gti mk4, it was just the 1.8t but i could not shake it off. i convinced myself it was modded as it had a huge zorst sticking out the back and was slammed to the deck.


im always up and down the A3 / A31 but have not seen you about, like wise i have never seen vr6man as we both work in farnham?
  CTR EK9 turbo

i dont wanna be rude, but if you hit the rev limiter you lose LOTS of time especially in race situations. I find you get the most out of your car if you change at abou 6500 rpm, and not take it to 7200 in these situations (slower cars). Only go to 7200 rpm if youre racing neck a neck with something like a CTR
  CTR EK9 turbo

Jimblive - my bro goes pretty much the same route as you. Up the A3, off at Puttenham down the Hogsback. Look out for him; a Rover 200 BRM V-reg and hes always up for a toast! he wont go much above the tonne tho.

I come to petersfield a fair bit, friends live around mogsmead and near the roundabout near mcdonalds...

Well its a funny world of motors out there, all I can say is if your lucky you will get a good one.

Its sounds like a good idea the more I think about it, £6000 for the Zetec-S. £2500 for throttal bodies, bits and pieces £1000 mmmmm

leaves me with wolf in sheeps clothing motor, and £2000 in me pocket ;)
  RB5 & 172

i stay off the a3 on my way to work, i have much more fun going out towards alton then onto the a32, up the a31 into farnham.

see a pulsar coming up through steep quite a bit on my way home, is it your mate?

ill keep an eye out for you in petersfield, you should hear me before you see me!

Theres a £2000 turbo conversion for the Zetec-S from Van Aaken which takes it to 140bhp. Guess it would give a few people some trouble with that bolted on...

Sorry its taken me ages to reply... trying to rebuild a laptop and do about half a dozen other things.

Norfolk172 - I did but cant remember, had the other half laughing because I was hooning for a change and was concentrating on keeping up with him.

Simon - I live in Maidstone, but Ive got family in Hampshire and Im from Somerset so Im down that way quite a bit, LOVE the roads down that way they rock! the A303 can be fun if you get a clear bit, failing that theres a great bit of road on the Hills out side of Taunton runing from Churchingford down towards the South Devon area, that was a good drive, lots of nice cambered wide bends to let the torque on the car pull you out of. Makes a change from the mountain of motorway driving Im normally forced to do.