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doesn’t it make you laugh


does anyone else find it amusing that when you own any sort of sports model car (valver, williams etc.), every single max power rudeboy thinks that theyre obliged to stick on your back bumper and burn theyre tyres out every time you happen to be sat next to one at the traffic lights. in the hope that youre not gonna try so they can go back to their mates and tell them how the extra 200 bhp theyve got from their new boot spoiler helped them beat a 16V.

But most of the time i just wait for them to get in front and pull past them without going over 3000rpm.

The thing is that only those who have half an idea about cars will know what engine is in a 1.8 16v as it does nt say it, they probably think its a 1200 like their nova.

still those light up washer jets do give an extra 50 bhp so watch out guys !

ha ha
  Clio 172 cup

Yeah I really used to like reading fast car magazine until they started using that utter crap F.U.K slogan in every single sentence of every single feature

what were they thinking!?!?

Fast Car! R.I.P