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My Comprehensive notes from todays Apple Special Event 2020 [Apple Watch Series 6/SE & iPad/iPad Air].

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Ooook we had the Apple Special Event today for the new Apple Watch Series 6 and the new iPad 8th Gen/iPad Air. I was working on a video to go with my comprehensive notes but I bit off more than I could chew! Seriously the video was shaping up to be 30+ minutes long and I felt like my head was going to explode! Sooo back to Plan A and I will just post my notes instead!


Apple Special Event - 15th September 2020

Tim Cook on screen talking about how the human virus is affecting everyone:
- How products help people come together.
- Two products are being focused on today - Apple Watch and iPad.

Apple Watch:
- Tim Cook talking about how he uses the Apple Watch for health, work, to open his garage etc.
- Apple Watch is the most loved watch in the world and has saved lives.
- Story about girl who was in septic shock, Apple Watch warned her about her elevated heart rate and it saved her life.
- Showed a short movie about how Apple Watch is helping people - diabetic girl, guy with high blood pressure etc.
- Researchers are using Apple Watch as a way of predicting infection.
- This year Apple Watch is being taken even further!

Jeff Williams now on screen - Chief Operating Officer:
- Watch OS7.
- Sleep App.
- Hand washing detection.
- VO2 Max Values.
- If VO2 Max drops you get an alert.

Apple Watch Series 6:
- Most colourful lineup ever - Blue, Gold, Red, Graphite etc
- New health sensor: BLOOD OXYGEN sensor confirmed!!
- Takes 15 seconds to take the measurement.
- Periodic background readings.
- Can record measurements while you sleep.
- Collaborating for Asthma.
- Partnering for cardiac issues.
- Partnering with Flu studies.
- Looking at how blood oxygen and heart-rate can show early signs of infection etc.
- Series 6 has the S6 SoC: Dual Core based on the A13 from iPhone 11.
- Series 6 is 20% faster than Watch Series 5.
- Series 6 has an even better always on display.
- 2.5x brighter screen.
- Always on Altimeter - see elevation change in real time.
- Measure blood oxygen saturation right from your wrist.
- Series 6 starts at $399 (UK price is £379).

Watch Faces:
- Talking about new watch faces.
- There are loads of them! lol
- MeMoji Watch Face! hmmm...
- There is even a new watch face for healthcare providers!

SOLO LOOP watch band:
- No Clasp.
- No Buckle.
- Liquid Silicone.
- Swim proof.
- Available in a range of sizes and in 7 colours.
- Braided Solo Loop - Ultra-thin silicone threads, looks cool!
- New leather link band.
- New Nike straps.
- New leather strap for ballers who buy the Hermes Apple Watch.

Apple Watch available to even more people:
- Apple Watch now has FAMILY SETUP. You can now pair other watches with your iPhone for set up.
- You get the safety and communication features.
- You can specify which contacts your kids can communicate with.
- Automatic location notifications (keep track of your kids).
- Kids can track their movements.
- Create MeMoji with just your watch.
- New "School Time" mode.
- Family setup enables kids and older adults to have an Apple Watch without an iPhone.
- Available to Series 4 and later.

NEW MODEL- Series 6 SE.
- Also uses largest display (but NOT Always On).
- S5 SoC - 2x faster than Series 3.
- Family Setup.
- Same sensors as Series 6 BUT will not have Blood Oxygen or ECG.
- SE starts at $279 or $12 month over 24 months. (UK price is £269).
- Series 3 is now starting at $199 (UK price is £199).

How they are reducing environmental footprint:
- All stores and data centres run on 100% renewable energy.
- 100% carbon neutral by 2030 - including products and supply chain.
- Apple Watch 100% recycled Aluminium.
- Now also 100% recycled rare earth minerals.
- Free of BFR and PVC etc.
- USB POWER ADAPTER REMOVED FROM APPLE WATCH "BECAUSE CARBON FOOTPRINT"........ So it will NOT come with a charger! (Will still come with the cable though - just not the plug).
- Order both TODAY and launches THIS FRIDAY!
- Showed a trailer of what Apple Watch can do - that was great lol! "Imagine a future" etc, this ad was brilliant! Seriously, watch it!

Staying Active with Apple Watch:
- Closing activity rings.
- Activity sharing.

New Workouts:
- Workout with MUSIC.
- Powered by your watch!
- World class trainers.
- New workouts added every week.

"Apple Fitness+"
- Fitness+ - choose our workout on AppleTV, iPad etc. You start it and it starts on your watch.
- You can see all your live health metrics on screen which are sent from your Apple Watch.
- The whole workout is powered by and linked to your watch.
- You see all this stuff live on screen as you work out - streamed live from your watch!
- Launching with the most popular workouts.
- Do the workouts with any brand of equipment or none at all.
- Do them anywhere you want.
- IF you also have Apple Music you can save the playlists of the workouts.
- There is also a beginner program for people who are new to working out.
- Workouts are personalised and recommended for you specifically.
- 10 studio workouts, "incredible music" and the worlds best trainers.
- Designed with Privacy in mind, everything is done ON DEVICE!
- $9.99 a month or $79.99 for the year. Family included at no extra cost.
- Available by end of the year.
- 3 months FREE with new Apple Watch.

Now talking about Services:
- Introducing APPLE ONE.
- One simple plan for Apple Services.
- Includes Apple iCloud storage, Music, TV+, Arcade, News+ and Fitness+.
- Apple One Individual Plan $14.95 a month. and 50GB iCloud.
- Family (up to 5 people) $19.95 200GB iCloud
- Premier (up to 5 people) has 2TB of iCloud, News+ and Fitness+ for $29.95.
- Coming this Fall, 30 days free.

Tim Cook back on screen, lets talk iPad!
- iPad is reshaping how people communicate etc.
- Over 1million iPad Apps.
- 10 year anniversary of iPad.
- Sold over 500million iPads.
- More than half of customers now are new to iPad (53%).
- Ranked #1 for customer satisfaction for 10 years straight!
- This is a BIG YEAR for iPad.
- Today we are updating the rest of the iPad line-up (not including Pro as it was already updated).

Ted now talking about iPad:
- New iPad 8th Gen has A12bionic.
- 10.2inch screen.
- 40% faster CPU.
- 2x graphics of last gen.
- 2x faster than the top selling Windows laptop.
- 3x faster than top selling Android tablet.
- 6x faster than top selling Chromebook.
- Super portable.
- All day battery.
- Neural Engine for ML.
- 5trillion operations per second.
- Works with full size smart keyboard.
- Also works with Apple Pencil (the Version 1 Pencil).
- Comes with 1 year of AppleTV+
- Starts at $329 (UK £329).
- Students start at $299.
- Order TODAY and launch THIS FRIDAY!

- New pencil capabilities.
- Understands what you write.
- Shape recognition.
- Smart selection.
- Paste handwritten notes as typed text.
- Scribble lets you hand write in ANY text field.
- Loads of new features.

Tim Cook back on screen;
- iPad AIR update!!
- Brand new design for iPad Air!
- Looks like an iPad Pro!

Laura now talking iPad Air:
- All screen display.
- 5 colours including green and sky blue.
- Liquid Retina
- 10.9 inch display at 2360x1640.
- Full Lamination and true tone, anti-reflective etc.
- TouchID INTEGRATED in Power Button at top of device!
- Smallest authentication sensor.
- Same security as normal TouchID.
- Faster secure enclave.
- Use it for Apple Pay etc.

New chip for iPad AIR:
- A14bionic.
- Best in class.
- A14bionic is 5nm!! First in industry.
- 11.8billion transistors in A14bionic, an increase of 40% over 7nm.
- Increased efficiency and power.
- 6core CPU.
- 4 high efficiency and 2 performance cores.
- 4 core GPU.
- Industry leading Peak Performance.
- 30% faster graphics.
- Compared to best selling laptop the iPad Air SoC has 2x faster graphics.
- Edit 4K videos, play games etc, handled with ease.
- Much faster (70%) Neural Engine for Machine Learning.
- 16 core Neural Engine 11trillion operations per second.
- 2x faster than previous gen.
- CPU further optimised by ML accelerators.
- 10x faster ML.
- This processor is a beast...!
- This is the most advanced chip they have ever made... damn... I want this in my iPad Pro!
- "DJ PRO AI" developer talking about A14bionic: you can scratch in the air lol.
- Other developers talking about the A14bionic - "console level graphics at 60fps".
- Dynamic shadows and reflections.
- "Enhance" images - sorted out jagged edges after zoom! Wow.
- USB-C now coming to iPad AIR - FINALLY! (like the iPad Pro).
- Fast connection to other devices.
- Front camera is 7mp FacetimeHD with HDR 1080p. better Low light too.
- Back camera is 12mp - same as iPad Pro, 4K with IS.
- Redesigned speakers for Stereo in landscape and portrait.
- Apple Pencil 2 support with magnetic storage, and new magic floating keyboard.
- Now showing off an advert for the iPad Air.
- Wi-Fi 6.
- 1 year of AppleTV+ Included.
- OK this iPad Air is a beast... RIP iPad Pro users like me I guess lol (At least we still have a 12.9inch screen, but the 11inch Pro is very close to the new iPad Air size - Although the Pro still has 120hz and FaceID).
- Starts at $599 (UK £579).
- Available NEXT MONTH.
- 100% recycled aluminium.
- Most advanced iPad lineup ever.
- More Pro features for all customers.

Tim Cook is back on screen!
- Major OS updates coming including iOS14 for iPhone!! Yay!!
- iPadOS14.
- WatchOS7
- TVOS14 including HomeKit cameras (finally).

END OF EVENT! That was great! We were all expecting the new iPhone 12 though, odd. I guess there will be another event soon for that (the rumours were true).

Notes by DeeKay86. Feel free to use these notes - but please do give me credit wherever you use them.

Thank you!