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Dogbone Mount

Just been to Renault to pick up a new dogbone mount for my '03 1.2 clio only cost £10.58, so not sure if its the rite one as Edde said it should cost around £30. He's given me the twisted bar as he reckons that it definatly will have this type fitted because of the year. Can anyone confirm this? Am sure that i have the straight one.

Heres a pic from underneath the car.

Going by those 2 pics it looks like Renault have struck again and given you the wrong part.


  Audi TT Stronic
Deffinatly the wrong part you have.. the twisted one is basically the same as the one I just replaced on my 172

K-tec told me when ordering that it SHOULD be twisted, but to deffinatly check before ordering as there is a possibility it will be straight.. Looks like you got the wrong one, take it back and ask for the right one ;)
Twisted ones are phase 1 only from my memory.

Did they not check the computer they can find it from there.
yep he typed it all into his computer, asked for my reg. plate aswell. Even said are u sure its not the straight one, and he said no. O well another trip down to the dealers. Least it werent as expensive as i though it would be. Whille was there i had a quick glimpse at the 35,000 mile service price, they want £460.00. Do ppl actaully pay this?
so, i can fit this to mine, even though its not the same as the one i have got on the car on the moment?
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you can fit it on if its the same length. go for it. i used a torque wrench to undo the bolts as they were well tight and the length and weight of the wrench made it well easy
  172 cup'd extreme
It will fit, its just an improved part , the black steel one is proper crap see how much your gear stick moves with it
  Mazda MX5 1.8
let us know how u get on as ive noticed my gear stick moving about more than i would expect and feels like a sloppy prozzy