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Done my first 2 weddings

  2004 1.5 DCi 80 Dyna
Some pics are below, One question, if any, how many B/W images would you send to the couple? Do people usually get the colour images then they edit them B/W or do you give them a colour version and also a B/W version (not the whole set, obviously, like a few selected ones in B/W)?

Not something I have ever considered thinking about really!!

Did both weddings for free (£20 fuel from each shoved in my pocket lol) to test if I enjoyed it or not. Still have another one to do and am thinking about doing 2 more for free to get some more experience in things that could go wrong.

(Soz for the watermark, uploaded some to facebook 1st)

A few from the 1st...

The 2nd...



ClioSport Club Member
  E90 M3
Nice pictures pal, I'd be so nervous doing a wedding! Did you enjoy it?
  Nikon D700
Nice. Few questions, are you happy with them? And are the customers happy? Did you enjoy it? Stressed?

I usually ask people how they want the processing done. Most people tend to lean towards bright and vibrant images with me, but I always chuck in a few (maybe 15 ish) B&W versions, usually high brightness ones that you can play with the contrast with.

Images look OK, but i'd fill with flash a little bit on bright days. Not sure if you were or not, but faces look a bit shadowy to me.
  2004 1.5 DCi 80 Dyna
Nice mate, a good foundation, as for b&w, you could always ask your clients ;)

True, just wondered as I know people on here have done weddings previously so was looking for some advice really.

I did enjoy them, The first one was a full day (11 hours) from the preperation to first dance. A few things went wrong on their part (limo broke down, ended up arriving in taxis 3/4's of an hour late) which meant that we were rushed for group pictures.

Fortunately one of their family friends had done some wedding prior and helped (but didn't take over) me organise the group pictures. This really helped me for the 2nd one (The first one was on Friday, The 2nd the day after on Saturday) as no one was there to help me bar the best man and maid of honour, who were both children of the couple.

I think the nerves are there in the build up, but once you start taking photos, they go away. And I also enjoy raising my voice at random strangers to get them into position lol

I did use fill in flash, but not with all the images, so a good tip thanks.

I am happy with the images, they have only seen a couple, sending the discs out tomorrow. I was thinking about 20 or so B/W so that might be about right then.