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dont f.k with a truck

had an altercation with a Czech truck earlier (I apologize if you were diverted 'cos the road was closed in Leeds). Driver's seat airbag went off, but that was it.
Luckily nobody was hurt bad, just a few bumps & bruises, could've been worse, seen as the car got dragged by the wagon 10 yards.. little flo was due to get a good wash n' wax tomorrow..
oh well.


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  106 GTi
Nightmare, hope your ok.

Same thing happened to a work mates sister last week, bloody foreign lorry drivers.


yeah glad ya ok bud!!!! no lakes meet for you then ey??? who was at fault??


ClioSport Club Member
  182 & Audi A3
When we had the Star City meet back in August, an Irish lorry driver started coming into my lane where the 40mph speed limit is...he was coming across me, and scared the s**t outta me and Mandy!

I remember on 5th Gear when they were talking about left hand drive trucks, and the blind spots...bloody scary when you think about it, especially with more and more eastern european trucks coming over here from Czech republic and Poland,etc!!!

PS. Glad to hear you're okay. :)
  Clio 1.2 Expression
bloody hell!!! surpised you got out un-injured. gutted for the car though! Must've been terrifying
  Vectra :(
Glad your ok mate, lucky escape.

No point asking if it will be a write off i dont think :S

Did you get his details etc ok? Insurance sorting it i guess
m621 slip road, it goes from 2 lanes to 1, its like a 1 in, 1 out scenario, or at least it used to be...
It was a foreign truck, so left hand drive, I must have been in his blind spot. I stopped to let him in, and thought, f'k this is going to be close, next thing bang, airbag goes off, windows smashing.. the wheel got ripped off, I later recovered it 20 yards up the road.
Took a bit of getting out of the car..
the police had to phone an interpreter, as he didn't speak a word of English, luckily, most foreign drivers carry all their documents, so I'm covered there.
Dave Cli02 said:
Double bugger, glad ur ok m8, those poor Eibachs ;)

you can buy them back if you want, the front passenger side has a snapped damper, but the springs & brake discs are still in reasonable condition..;)
  Monaco Blue Mk2
Gutted for you mate but glad you're looks like it was ace...similar to mine lol.

Who was at fault? Hope you get everything sorted ok and you seem pretty cool/calm about it, I'd be fuming! lol.
  Leon Cupra 300
blimey i bet that caused chaos on the 621! altho there is plenty of sliproads that go 2 to 1 :D

at least everythings gettiong sorted.. what next?


  Flaming Inferno 225
Thats really bad that, im glad you were all right after that, what you doing about the car then?
s**t m8 looks bad that which m621 slip road is it? Dont recognise it in the pics. Scary stuff as this was what heppened last week on the m62 when those two blokes died when they shut the m62 all day
It was junction 1, just trying to join the m621 before Elland Road
I'd stopped to let him in & he just took the front off, thought he was pinching my turini, as he took that clean off my car.
The missis was safetly at home thank god.
Dont think they'll be able to repair it. It's at a garage at the moment, gonna go & see her tomorrow & ask a few knowledgeable people if the damage is purely cometic.
I personally think its f.ked.
Maybe some bits for sale soon...


  ST on the way...
Really gutted for ya mate! :(

If you need a ride on any of the meets let me know :)

Darren S

ClioSport Club Member
Sh*t m8 - I remember yours being a minter from the RR day up at Padiham last year. Crap always seems to happen to the decent ones. :dapprove:

Hope you manage to get things sorted out. You're the third person I've heard of in a year that been hit by an eastern European truck driver. :eek:

jesus. Really bad mate. Just glad everyone is ok, did you have the Mrs with you? Only metal at the end of the day, hope insurance goes through smoothly.


what a shitter mate. looks pretty dead to me. as the damage will only have to get to around 4k for a total loss.

Glad you ok tough.
Ad said:
what a sh*tter mate. looks pretty dead to me. as the damage will only have to get to around 4k for a total loss.

Glad you ok tough.

if it does get written off. I may be interested in buying it if you buy it back.
  Mustang, S13, AX GT
wow thats a nasty accident, man I'm glad your ok and I hope you get your car/a car sorted out quick thats nasty...
  E60 diesel powah
s**t mate glad ur ok! shitter about the car:( but least ur fine :) (il hav the wheels if ther goin too ;) )