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Dont touch throttle body????

Was considering cleaning my throttle body its a 2002 1.2 16v, but the guy in renault said dont touch it as it has a control unit and once its disconnected the idle will go crazy and its position will be lost. And it will all have to be reset costing a packet. Is this true sounds a bit mad??? thought it could just be disconnected like most cars although it looks a nightmare to get to.

Any opinions folks??
your f@@kn kiddin me! two guys came out and said by no means touch it it will need to be reset up by them lol. wtf was their game. So i can clean it lol renault and their shite. you seem to know your stuff mate could you shed any light on this?

the problem is intermitent the wee electrical warning light comes on every once in a while when taking off. the revs go funny and it cuts out. this always happens in two particular places pulling out of a certain garage and parking in a certain spot. i thought it was just some sort of weird electrical interference?

my mate seems to think its something to do with the time it takes to get to them. if i drive off when the light comes on it goes off as i get round the corner its baffled everyone so far clip shows nothing apparently. just had a new map sensor and coil pack replaced but it odesnt seem to have helped.

Any ideas its the strangest thing and only happens every so often????

cheers mate in advance
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could be the MAP sensor, TB or at worst the metal box has chaffed the loom above the ecu on the rear of the inlet manifold.

what year is the car, it may have re revised cover
  Renaul clio 1.2 16v
That happened to my car, in the end after buying a new map sensor that fault stayed. I took the throttle body out and gave it a good clean and all in side as the throttle body was minggin and oil was in there by the air filter. After putting it back together the car has run great and fault has not come back, its been 2 weeks now.
thanks for the response lads its a 2002 1.2 16v. just replaced the map sensor and coil pack but had a feeling it was the throttle body mine has the revised software and ecu so dont think its the bracket but got it checked over any way. its a real good going car and the only thing wrong in six years is the coilpack map and a wheel bearing. this fault had me baffled. was talking to someone the day about the tb and got the same dont touch it story wtf is this some sort of urban legend?

the whole "it needs to be reprogrammed" thing is really putting me off.

will give it a go with the cleaning! thanks lads! jsut to make certain i can just disconnect it and the car wont s**t its self
  Renaul clio 1.2 16v
Yeah it is not a hard job to do, just a bit annoying finding all the screws to get to it. As i said it sorted my fault out. the car will be fine. as above just dont mess with the butterfly to much when cleaning it.


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mate i am honestly just back from the garage where i had my accident repair work done a week ago, they plugged it in for me and said its not related to the accident ( i knew that as it was happening before) but thought i'd try blag it lol well it came back as a fault with the THROTTLE POSISTIONING SENSOR, could be a few things ie THROTTLE BODY NEEDS CLEANED wiring etc. mines has happened a few times so i put it down to it needing cleaned. got the haynes manual out and browsing through it, i have the D4F engine ( 1.2 16v) and it says the throttle valve is electrcally motorised and is not operated by an accelerator cable. if the throttle valve is renewed, the new unit must be reprogrammed. although it is possible to carry out the reprogramming without dedicated equipment, any fault codes stores by the engine management ECU must be erased with a special diagnostic tool.


minimum throttle stop must be reprogrammed as follows

a) switch the ignition on for approx. 3 secs
b)switch off he ignition and wait aprox, 5 secs
c) restart the engine and allow the coolant temperature to reach 60oC (approx. 3 mins from ambient temp of 20oC
d) road test the car and allow the ECU to learn the throttle valve adaptives

cheers mate you are a legend! Ffs think i would have been sick if i paid for that "reprogramming". will get a haynes and have a go.

Cheers everyone for there advice and help!