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Door Cards....

  mk1 clio

Ok i need some help..ive changed speakers on other cars..but i cant seem to get the door cards off my clio..ive unscrewed the door pockets and got the handle bit off...then i thought it would just be a simple clip off but it aint budging.

The Cars a 1.2 mk1 phase 1

Can Any1 Help Thanks In Advance :D
  Pug 306 GTi-6

You have to remove the s2 crews from inside the door handle and unscrew the torx in the middle of the lock handle. then grab the bottom the door card and pull it hard!. there are 2 clips at the bottom and loads of mastic which is probably holding it firmly down. they do come off, honest!!
  silver valver/hybrid

circles are screws to remove, arrowd parts just pull off

then unhook the door opener catch from the wire, take the 2 internal screws from the handle and un hook the door pocket. (unplug the plug too)

then there are several poppers round the edges of the door card, then u need to pull, to get the door card off the sticky stuff and lift it off the door over the door pin

[Edited by derv on 16 February 2005 at 7:23pm]
  mk1 clio

lol ok ive got to the part where u take the handle out and all the screws... so all i do is unhook the door handle then?