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Door open light staying on

  Clio 182 FF
I was hoping somebody might be able to help with a tiny problem ive got.
My red interior door open light on the dash above the radio is staying on even though all doors ar fully closed, also the cabin light is also staying on and when i lock my car it no longer flashes twice with all the indicators, even though when i open it flashes once.
This has all happened since yesterday afternoon when i went into quick fit and had 2 new tyres and my tracking done. Do you think they have banged something to make this problem.
The only thing ive noticed is the catch for the boot is a little loose, they may have banged it when changing my spare wheel.
Hoping for any help or off to renault i go, with a 45 pound charge to stick it on the computer.
The car is a clio 2.0 172 w reg.