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Double Trouble


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 172 Cup

Newbie here.
Having had a ball in a 172 Cup 15 years ago I decided to relive my youth when I needed a cheap station car.

I found a cheap 172 Cup but after a few weeks I fell for it again and ended up doing a full mechanical overhaul with Mark Fish.
It now drives perfectly and just needs some minor paint correction & car park dings removed to be perfect.

Then I saw a cheap race prepped car on eBay.
I used to race but sold my car when we had our 3rd kid and really missed it. So, one night back from the pub I emailed a cheeky low ball offer.
Woke up to find it had been accepted!
So now I have two. My wife was delighted...

I’ve raced the Cup for a couple of years now and picked up a few pots along the way. It’s genuinely as fun to race as my old E36 M3 but costs a fraction to run.

Now I try and do all the work on the cars myself so will be probably be asking loads of dumb questions in the future. Please be gentle!

I’ll post some pics shortly.


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