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Drinking oil and cluncky gear change

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Been happening for a while now, been putting at least a litre of oil in a month, engines quite old, done 130k but i treat it well, never normaly take it above 5k, and always wait for it to warm up.
Only mods i have are a 3inch back box, mid silencer removed and a carbon fibre air box (like a BMC if thats what there called) I get alot of oil on the back of my car after a 'spirted' run, and when i take it up to high revs and change lots of black smoke comes out, but doesnt really smell of burning oil. im using comma 15/40w.
Also when i dip the cluch and shift, the shift is really noisey and cluncky, cluch has never been changed as far as im aware, but its the gear change making the noise.
Is it just old, warn bushes etc, changed the dog bone a few months ago so it carn't be that.
Is this all because the car is just getting old?

its a 1.2 8v RL (1996)
  A well built VW
Gear change could be new oil needed I had a similar problem in mine it was really stiff to go into gear aswell - new oil sorted it , been over 2yrs now.....