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Drive by wire throttle?



Now then chaps need your help, just refitted the 182 engine and I have a few problems. Connected everything back up as it was and tried to start the car, Car starts but revs straight upto 3000rpm :dead: so i've had to knock it straight off.

I have no prior experience with the drive by wire throttles! With the ignition on the TB humms quite loudly, when you press the pedal nothing happens until a certain point where it opens fully. As you gently let off the throttle it shuts fully before the pedal is fully released.

THe car is revving up to 3k with the TB shut so I'm guessing i've got a big air leak somewhere... Ive wathced the TB when the car is started and it doesnt move so I dont think thats causing the problem.

Any ideas chaps?
get the car plugged into a computer check what the pedal is giving out as an output.

also worth cleaning the throttle body.

but if your throttle body is cled and the cars reving that high you have an air leak check all the vacume pipes etc you'll have a leak from them etc.


Aye thanks mate its sorted, borrowed a working pedal and TB from Rich16v (thanks mate :) ). Fitted them but still had the same problem.

Anyway had another look over it and found the air leak, all sorted now runs lovely :star: