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Drive Clean: Video thread...


ClioSport Club Member
One of Drive's newer sub-channels; I thought I'd be decent to stick each week's episode up in here.

There's only been two so far.


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R8 Blackbird - wasn't that the black everything, fully kitted out cannonball run car that was designed to "evade" police (rear light cut outs, gps, camera detectors etc)?
No, I don't think so. Just not quite up to date. IronX and Tardis seem to be a myth... Did you note the already dirty wheels being clayed? Surprise surprise the clay was black at the end of the vid...

Noted a "pro detailer" on DW who still doesn't use IronX and Tardis and was shocked by the black/brown lines on his clay. FFS.


ClioSport Club Member
I've had to PM 2 "Pro Detailers" about their claying. I'm more worried about the customer's car!

No wonder the 50/50's looked great, you caused half the marring ffs!