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Drivers side window regulator socket

  Clio Dynamique S
My 07 1.4 Dynamique drivers side window stopped working so I took it to the local garage. They recommended a new regulator and priced the job at £180 inc parts, labour and vat. Told them to go ahead so they ordered the replacement regulator. When it arrived they went to test it by plugging it in before fitting and found that the connector socket was round with two pins, but my cars plug was oblong with six pinholes. the garage say they've tried all local suppliers and can't get a regulator for my Clio with a six pin socket. I've been and collected the car and the garage have promised if I can find the correct regulator they will fit it free of charge (the door panel is still in bits and the window held up with small wooded wedges)

The mechanic recommended ebay, saying they were available for £40 +p&p. If so can anyone recommend a good ebay seller as I've bought car parts on ebay before and had to send them back!

Thanks in advance for your help/suggestions :)
  clio dci , ren8
If the regulator they bought was for a mk 3 clio then all they had to do was remove the box held on with 1 screw & 2 clips off the old on & put it on the new . but most problems are with the small box not the regulator . Take it to some one who knows what they are doing would be good advise .