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Drove a mk2 last night.

  Valver Lookalike Mk1 Ph3
For the first time.

Was a 1.2 16v, I own a Mk1 1.2 8v.

The big difference was power steering (which I don't have), obviously that made it easier to drive.

The seats were a lot more comfortable aswell.

There's a hell of a lot more screeching when you hit roundabouts at speed from the mk2, but I guess I do have 15's compared to the mk2's 14's.

Do I prefer the mk1 or 2 to drive? Has to be the mk2 unfortunately. Mk1 for looks still though!

Speedwise I feel the the mk1 gets off the line quicker than the mk2 but once it gets into 3rd upwards the mk2 seems to be a bit faster.

We had a bit of a race on the way back, seemed nothing in it really, we're going to do more tests in the future.

Do I prefer the mk1 or 2 to drive? Has to be the mk2, much more comfortable/in control. Mk1 for looks though.
  MK1 Clio 16v
Never driven a MK2 but i would image they're probably smoother to drive than my valver, the engine rocks about no end in mine, really annoying!

MK1 for looks though, don't like the bubble-shape of the newer Clio's..