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Drying Towles - Need some new ones.

  Not a 320d
OK dont reccomend me the Der wunders, they marr like f**k and i have no patience what so ever to "dab" the paintwork, ive had mine for a good year and a half now, and they have gradually got worse. I also have a Miracle Dryer, but ive found that this manages to hold onto dirt and shite that might get trapped by accident (yes its my own fault for not treating the towel like a god damm piece of gold) and also find that it leaves little bits of "lint" or whatever you might call it.

My mate has those shag pile things and they seem pretty good, would you say they were ok for drying ?
  Not a 320d
Yes ive tried it, i have a big petrol one though so the neighbours get royally pissed off with it sometimes. Still prefer towels though. Its funny i was drying my mates schnitzer the other day with some kent car care MF towels, pack of 4 i think, one to get the thick off and another to get the remaining water off, worked wodnerfully i might try some of those, i can see them marring the painwork though.


ClioSport Club Member
I've got a Poorboys Waffle Weave towel, cost like £10 and its awesome.
  Not a 320d
Those shag pile towels are for buffing and removing polish. They aren't great for drying.

You want one of these. Its awesome

Got one, its bullshit. We were using the Shaggy towels for final inspection tbh and removing wax actually i just wondered if they were any good for drying.

Ill be giving my clio a going over with final finish tomorrow and hopefully either jetseal or wet mirror finish.