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Dull & Shoddy

  Black Gold 182 (Cup Pack)
My GF's car is pretty old, well is a crap paint, and is is in need of some TLC big time, bits of rust here and there etc, anyway, im doing the rust at the moment, and want to bring the paintwork back to life. The car only needs to last her another 2 years untill she is finished at uni, and I know i'm gonna get a slating, but i have some T-Cut in the garage, and rembering what it did to my old mini's dull paintwork, want to use it again, it's not going to be a perfect job, not too bothered about any swirlls, scratches etc, just want to bring the luster back to the shine, it's a white car, just wondering if anyone has any advice on using T-Cut, apart from coments like "put it in the bin"!

Also will it need to be sealed afterwards? Does the fresh paint i have sprayed on over the repaired rust need to set/cure before T-Cutting? I dont want to spend any more money, as the T-Cut is in the garage already, any tips on applying it?

  Punto/Clio GTT
do 1 panel at a time

and wash it all off after wards.

my mate t cut his clio all over then tried to get it off by hand, took him hours, also it rained and its burnt the paint under the wing mirror where it drips down the door.

so 1 panel at a time!
  106 GTi
I would still go down to Halfords and buy a bottle of Autoglym Paint Renovator and make you life easier! ;)
  Black Gold 182 (Cup Pack)
Okay, well il have a little think about how much i wanna spend!

ALso, i am sprayingh over parts of the car, itrs white, so pretty easy to do, and i keep getting overspray onto other parts of the car, kinda gritty, anything to get this off, im not that bother TBH, just wondering?