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Does anyone know what the E.S.P. actually does on a 172?

On my previous car it would cull the power if the front wheels lost traction, and brake the inside rear while reducing power if the car was into a slide. Most the time it was fine for daily driving, but if I wanted a bit of lift off fun I always disabled it. Whenever it was activated by the car a light would flash on the dash.

Last night I took the car to a nice straight stretch of private road to have a quick go at launching it. It wasnt the most successful attempt as I squealed the tyres a fair amount, but Ill get it. Because of this it makes me think that the Reno one doesnt cut power. In fact so far Ive never switched it off, yet Ive had no evidence of it actually doing anything.

So, I was wondering if anyone knows what functions on the car it does interfere with?

Also Ive got to add. What a great day. Its dry, sunny and the roads into Brum were realtively clear. It got a dam good thrashing at every given opportunity :) really starting to loosen up now.




I just wondered how it differed from my last car. Some cars its no more than a helping hand. On my Focus it was a slap on the wrists if I tried to have fun.

I know what you mean, only time its ever flashed when Ive been driving was when the wheels left the road over a small hill near my house, think it wondered what was going on?

Quote: Originally posted by RobFenn on 27 March 2003

Quote: Originally posted by Rod Street on 27 March 2003

GDI Rob, I didnt think Id left you the opportunity to re use that old joke ;)
The old ones are always the best!

No your thinking of wine :cry:


  2012 WRX Waggon

the esp on the clio is crap!! the audi system beats in hands down, but to be honest its more fun with it off!


  Audi TT Stronic

ye me neither... it was introduced into the later mk2 172s.

I think renault just put a make shift version in.. just so they could say it had ESP, same goes with the VVT
  2012 WRX Waggon

easy - jump in an audi and compare the two.

the clio ESP seems to do bugger all, power off oversteer anyone??