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E/W Switch - Quick Question

I need a drivers side switch for the passenger side window, so off I went to Renault to get it and..........

"Is there 5 or 6 notches on it?"

"er...well, dont you know?"


and that was it more or less!

Does anyone know more than the Renault Parts Department!!!

you want a one touch switch, for the passenger side window on the drivers E/W console or for the passenger side. let me know if it works

As far as i know, Reno didnt do a 1 touch switch to operate the pass window????? Pretty sure im right :confused:

One way to check is to take the switch out & count the notches. 5 or 6....easy.

Word of warning though...last time i enquired, they were £25ish!!!!

Look on the forum or in the scrappy m8, the ones off the clio RTs are the same i think. Hope this helps ya

Just under £24 yeah, expensive I know, but Ive learnt to expect this from Renualt!

I tried taking it out myself but I could only get the top bit off, maybe Im just weak! Ill just have to try again!
  clio williams, Ph1 172

They will come out. I dunno if a one touch will work for the other side but id like to know if itll work. If it does ill have one myself cos its a pain holdin the switch down

Does anyone know if a one touch switch will work on the passenger window?

As far as I know a switch from an RT is the same, I just dont think they have the one touch switch for the driver window.

I still cant get the switch out, Ive taken the top off and all the insides out but the bottom doesnt wanna move.

One touch wont work with the passenger window because of the way its wired. The power for the passenger side goes through both switches (drivers first) and each switch cancels the other out (this is to prevent a short circuit when you press both and why they have 6 pins). Also worth knowing that this long route is often the cause of a slow passenger window when the switch contacts get dirty, you need to clean both switches.

If you want a switch you can have one for nothing because I have a few spare!
  BMW 320d Sport

Ive tried as well and all that happens if you try a one touch on the drivers door/passenger side, is that you blow the fuse. The wiring will only accept a one touch switch on the drivers side window, but it will take a normal up/down switch as well. Ive got 4 normal up/down switches from my valver for sale if anyone wants them - a tenner the lot postage included. 3 are illuminated window switches and one is a non-illuminated sunroof switch.

Cheers Rob,

Ill definately have one of you if your giving them away!

Ill pm you my address if you want to send me one if your sure about it!

I went to RENOS today and I enquired about the switch situation and I was told that the switch wont work(as we know) but also the earlier Espace and meganes have a pressure sensitive switch, which will close the passenger window(one toych). But getting the switch is easier said then done, the assistant then became very vague, I was told they are £60 for one, this caused me to fall on the floor, well allmost . So keep your eyes open for espaces or meganes in Scappies and have lots of spare fuses when you try.